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Coliving in Tenerife

Coliving In Tenerife has increasingly grown in recent years with more and more Remote Workers choosing the Canary Islands to work remotely from. Coliving in Tenerife offers one of the best climates in the world, there is a reason it is nicknamed the island of eternal spring! The Community of Remote Workers and Digital Nomads are spoiled with plenty of outdoor activities to provide the perfect work-life balance. From stunning mountain regions to vibrant towns and quaint fishing villages, from deserts to beaches and natural pools. A hotspot for Remote Workers who love nature and adventure! Combined with the ease of the European timezone and developed infrastructure Tenerife is the place to be for Remote Workers!

Amarilla started its journey with a focus on solo travellers of Digital Nomads and Remote Workers, but quickly recognised the need for companies to send their employees on workation, for businesses to invest in team building on Remote Work retreats and even families who are choosing a new way of life. Whatever your reason or setup, Amarilla will have a suitable accommodation for you. Curious to know more about your possibilities? Fill out our form and we will get in contact with you to start your Amarilla journey!

Amarilla Private Coliving in Tenerife South

Due to popular demand Amarilla’s South Colivings are now available for private Coliving group bookings starting from four people. The South is often mistaken as just another vacation destination, but it is a mistake to see only that part of what Tenerife South has to offer. The first settlements and Spanish colonial villages settled in the South offering many beautiful historical villages all around. With an array of natural sights, sport activities and entertainment the South is ideal for groups who are looking for an ideal destination for their workation.

Amarilla private Coliving accommodations in the South

Our North Coliving has new owners

From being the first Coliving in South Tenerife to growing our property portfolio with Colivings, high-end villas and individual apartments, Amarilla has become a community hub. Our commitment extends beyond Coliving, encompassing company retreats, consulting, and nomad-focused property management. Despite this growth, we’ve decided to bid farewell to our north Coliving, Hotel Rural.

Meet Tulia – the New Owners of Hotel Rural:
Introducing Cesare and Salomé, a passionate couple now steering the ship at Hotel Rural. We are delighted to have found owners who embody the passion and determination essential for running a successful coliving. At Amarilla, we’re committed to supporting them in making Hotel Rural thrive.

Discover Your Perfect Coliving Building with Amarilla

Embark on a journey of innovation with Amarilla, where every building holds the potential to redefine community living. Since our inception in September 2020, we’ve pioneered coliving in South Tenerife, setting the standard as the second coliving establishment on the island. From luxurious villas to bespoke apartments, our diverse property portfolio caters to the unique needs of our clientele.

Beyond providing exceptional coliving spaces, Amarilla is a catalyst for community engagement and support within Tenerife. We facilitate company retreats, offer coliving consulting services, and provide property management solutions for nomads investing in the island. Our ventures have not only diversified but have also contributed to the vibrancy of Tenerife’s tourism landscape.

Are you the proud owner of a building primed for coliving or retreats? We’re eager to explore new opportunities and partnerships. If your property boasts a minimum of 10 rooms and aligns with our vision, reach out to our founder, Marina, at Let’s collaborate to transform spaces into thriving hubs of communal living and creativity.

Amarilla Retreats

Looking to book a workation for your company or business? Take your team or company to the next level and book a retreat with us to boost morale, improve productivity and form a strong bond with your team!

Experience with Amarilla

Community is at the core of everything we do. Meeting people from all walks of life, exchanging experiences, and learning from each other is the reason why Amarilla exists. Remote working from somewhere else, but in need of a Community? Reach out and join us during a meet up to connect and bond with like-minded individuals.

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